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Service details
Name Aml Check
  • Access to Full electoral roll
  • Easy to use
  • Exhaustive set of data sources
Business types
  • Legal Representative
  • United Kingdom

Real-time screening of personal details to comply with anti-money laundering regulations

Manage business risk

Confidently manage your business risks

CRIF Decision Solutions provides tools to help you strengthen your Know Your Customer (KYC) practice and adopt a risk-based approach to financial crime. Real-time screening of personal details against content-rich sources, including positive, negative, domestic and international databases, will help you accurately conduct due diligence for anti-money laundering purposes and effectively prevent fraud.

Anti-money laundering check

Anti-money laundering check, in just a few seconds

It just takes a few steps to receive a detailed AML Check report to assess the identity of any subject in the United Kingdom. Simply enter the first name, surname, date of birth and address of an individual, and an immediate report is generated. The date of birth is mandatory, and it also is possible to search against the Full Electoral Roll, subject to use for AML purposes.

Integration with case management systems

Easy integration with case management systems

Users can perform an AML Check directly from our portal via a simple user-friendly interface. Additionally, we provide a straightforward A2A interface to allow customers to integrate our functionality with their software (e.g. their case management system).