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Service details
Name Vehicle Check
  • Access to DVLA MIAFTR and SMMT databases
  • Keeper enquiry facility
Business types
  • CACHE Legal Representative
  • General Insurer
  • Legal Representative
  • United Kingdom

Real-time screening of any vehicle in the UK

The UK’s largest vehicle information source

CRIF Decision Solutions’ vehicle verification services allow you to quickly verify the identity of a vehicle, uncover hidden information, and identify the registered keeper in the UK’s largest vehicle information source, combining and interpreting data from government agencies, industry bodies, private organisations and the police.
Vehicle checks give organisations instant confirmation of whether vehicles have been correctly described, are known to have outstanding finance or serious accident damage, or are registered as stolen.

Rich data sources to discover the full history of any car registered in the UK

Through our Vehicle Check service, you can verify the identity of a vehicle against the UK’s largest vehicle information sources. By doing a vehicle history check, you can check if the vehicle has a hidden past, if the subject is the rightful owner, or if it is registered under a false identity.

Discover every detail of a vehicle

  • Vehicle Check: starting from the Vehicle Registration Number (VRN), Vehicle Check confirms the existence and description of a vehicle (e.g. make, model, engine, etc.) based on DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) and SMMT (Society of Motor Manufactures and Traders) databases. It uncovers risks or major problems related to the vehicle through real-time access to a number of data sources reporting information on stolen vehicles, insurance write-offs, plate transfers, outstanding finance, vehicle inspections and vehicles on the Security Watch register.
  • Vehicle Keeper Check: electronically submits a request to the DVLA on entering a VRN with the aim of gathering information about a specific vehicle as well as the name and address of its registered keeper. Within 24 hours, a report is returned via email, making the process much quicker and more efficient than the paper trail option.