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Service details
Name Sherlock Investigation
  • Best of breed data sources
  • Case investigation
  • Intuitive navigation
Business types
  • CACHE Legal Representative
  • General Insurer
  • MIB
  • United Kingdom

One click can cross search millions of aggregated records in real time

Best of breed data sets on a single screen

An intuitive, easy-to-use desktop tool, Sherlock Investigation is complementary to the business process and helps insurers create an immediate profile of customers, highlighting the potential risk involved.

Sherlock Investigation is designed to deliver counter-fraud intelligence to the investigator. By consolidating several data sources, Sherlock already supports around 100 UK insurers in speeding up the investigation process, delivering operational efficiencies, and reducing the time to collect and integrate key information.

Research and explore using the best data sources

  • Linked addresses with over 30m records
  • Property types/descriptions with an 80% UK coverage
  • 100% UK coverage for vehicle history/description/finance
  • Wide coverage of phone numbers
  • Credit file address confirmation.

Discover actionable insights

  • Hidden claims connections between parties of past and present claims whether motor, home or personal injury
  • Previously unknown phone numbers or different address associated with existing number
  • Non-disclosed claims histories at previous linked addresses
  • Inconsistent property attributes, driveway or garage not actually present
  • Previously written off vehicles, outstanding finance on vehicles.