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Service details
  • Policy quotation
  • Policy checking
Business types
  • CACHE Legal Representative
  • General Insurer
  • United Kingdom

Rapid Detection and Analysis of Risk

Comprehensive fraud risk validation at the earliest stage

RADAR, developed by CRIF Decision Solutions, delivers results in a sub-second environment for point-of-quote processing and real-time point-of sale processing, or through a post-sale batch service supplying data enrichment through extraction.
RADAR provides customers with efficient data streamlining, supporting the underwriting and pricing process whilst reducing the risk of fraud at the earliest stage.

High level of data source customisation

The high volume screening tool draws from multiple external data sources, enriching insurers’ internal data, and enabling verification of the applicant’s disclosed claims history, identity, vehicle or property.

High performances and high volumes

RADAR is configured to reflect insurers’ risk tolerances and can be applied to any personal lines insurance business.
Thanks to machine learning techniques, these predictive indicators can evolve and adapt to reflect the behaviour of fraudsters and help block them dynamically.