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Service details
Name ID Check
  • Quick and easy
  • Exhaustive set of data sources
  • KYC compliance
Business types
  • CACHE Legal Representative
  • General Insurer
  • Legal Representative
  • United Kingdom

Real-time screening of personal details

KYC-Know Your Customer

Know your customer better

CRIF Decision Solutions provides instant tools to help you know your customers better. By checking the identity of an individual or a company prior to customer on-boarding, and gaining a comprehensive view of their personal profile, you can accurately manage business risks, confidently conduct due diligence and effectively prevent fraud.

Rich Identity Verification

Rich, updated and comprehensive data sources

Through our ID Check service, you can get instant verification of personal details against content-rich sources, including positive, negative, domestic and international databases. The ease and speed at which information can be accessed will positively impact business and operational decisions as well as strengthen compliance.

Identity Check

Check the identity of any subject in the UK

In just a few steps you can obtain a detailed ID Check report on a subject in the United Kingdom. Simply enter the first name, surname and address of an individual, and in few seconds a digital report is generated. You can also perform a comprehensive Know Your Customer check. The date of birth field is optional (although recommended).